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Asset Finance

IFG Asset Finance offers competitive and potentially tax effective ways of financing a broad range of categories, including:

  • Agricultural Equipment and Farming
  • Construction
  • Earth-moving and Infrastructure
  • Heavy Industry and Engineering
  • IT and Communication
  • Business fleet passenger and commercial vehicles

Asset finance is becoming an increasingly essential tool for businesses looking to make the best of their available resources while minimising risk and the impact on business cash flow. For equipment purchases of $100,000 or more, there is an *option to lock-in an interest rate for up to 3 months in advance of equipment delivery. *Available for approved applicants.

Business Loans

Business loans can provide the flexibility to start, grow, or even survive in a competitive world. Change is inevitable. You need to be confident that you can meet challenges and seize opportunities, as they arise. Part of that confidence can come from knowing that IFG will work with you to sustain and grow your business, by getting to know your unique requirements  and circumstances, whether you are:

  • Planning and starting a new business
  • Growing or diversifying an existing business
  • Embarking on infrastructure purchasing, upgrades or refurbishment
  • Underpinning day to day capital requirements

A brief overview of some of the more popular business finance product options follows. Contact us for a no-obligation, stress-free chat.

Chattel Mortgage

A flexible finance option where the title of an asset (often a vehicle) purchased passes to the buyer and IFG registers a mortgage as security over the loan.
An initial deposit or trade-in may be included to reduce payments.
At the end of the contract term, the mortgage is removed, giving clear title.

Commercial Hire Purchase

An IFG Commercial hire purchase agreement, is similar to a lease (with a variation to tax treatment).
We agree to purchase an asset for possession and use under a hire agreement for an agreed term.
Title does not pass to the hirer.

Finance Lease

Under a Finance lease, IFG purchases an asset and makes it available via a lease agreement for a set term and rental fee.
IFG retains ownership of the asset and may claim depreciation, while the lesee is able to claim tax deductions for the lease payments.
At the end of the lease term, IFG can either retain and sell the asset, or make it available for purchase to the Lesee.

Operating Lease

Under an Operating lease the lessor retains ownership and residual risk of an asset.
The lesee, has the use of the asset during the lease term and the lease may also include fees, charges and other costs associated with use of the item.
Payments within this structure are treated as an “off balance sheet” operating expense.

Novated Lease

Under a novated lease, a vehicle is included in an employee’s salary package as a reduction in gross salary – “salary sacrifice”.
The employee is the primary lessee, which is ‘novated’ to the current employer who makes the monthly lease payments – which can include allowances for permitted running costs and Fringe Benefits Tax. Private use is permitted. If the employee leaves the business, the novation can be transferred to a new employer or, the employee will be responsible for making monthly payments.

Debtor Finance

Also know as Factoring, or Cash-flow finance.
With IFG Debtor Finance, we take the time pressures off accounts receivables by offering up to 85% of your unpaid invoices.
You can improve cash flow fast, with an efficient and cost effective accounts receivable service.

  • No real estate security required so you don’t need to risk personal property.
  • Funding limits grow in line with your sales, so you have cash when you need it to take advantage of opportunities.
  • 24/7 access to your accounts via our secure online client portal.
  • Talk to us about protecting your business from the risk of bad debt with ‘Bad Debt Protection’.

Commercial Finance

Every business is different and at IFG, we celebrate that. We work with you to compare and create the best commercial finance solutions to match your specific needs. Whether you are looking to expand, need a short term business loan, or free up working capital, talk to us today.

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